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Attorney Dean Delforge Protects Corporations throughout Milwaukee

Corporate Law


The Law Office of Dean P. Delforge counsels and provides legal representation for a wide range of businesses throughout the Milwaukee Metropolitan area. Partnering with Attorney Dean Delforge allows businesses to have legal protections tailored to the needs of their specific area. Closely held Milwaukee businesses face an uphill battle avoiding complex legal issues, and reliable counsel from the attorneys at Delforge Law Office is essential to their success.

We are dedicated to the success of your business and work hard to provide legal solutions for your company’s specific needs.

Delforge Business Law is your local Business Formation Lawyer

There’s a minefield of legal issues involved in starting your own business. Dean Delforge has made formation and governance of closely-held Wisconsin businesses a focus since 1984. Delforge Law Office provides counsel for businesses throughout Milwaukee and Waukesha County.

Whether you’re incorporating a business, establishing a partnership, or forming a limited liability corporation (LLC), Dean Delforge will help you and your business navigate complicated corporate law processes.

Forming a Corporation

Dean Delforge will counsel business entities on the process of forming corporations, leading them through general processes like:

  • Assigning the appropriate legal business structure – assessing legal exposure and establishing the proper structure to address them:
    • LLC
    • LLP
    • Partnerships
    • C Corporations
    • S Corporations
  • Drafting articles of incorporation – creating business contracts, drafting and reviewing promissory notes and operating agreements, forming partnership agreements
  • Establishing bylaws – drafting custom corporate bylaws, including voting rules and director meeting scheduling
  • Selecting a board of directors – advising on director appointments and plans for corporate ownership changes
  • Developing stock structures and issuing certificates – establishing securities registrations and exemptions, implementing shareholder rules
  • Getting proper licenses and permits – acquiring the legal licensure and documents relevant to your specific business
  • And more

A partnership with the Law Office of Dean Delforge grants closely held businesses the guidance to properly establish an incorporated business.

Contact the Law Office of Dean P. Delforge, today to get started on incorporating a Milwaukee business.

Guidance for Mergers and Acquisitions of Milwaukee Businesses

Purchasing or joining a Milwaukee business is an exciting and complicated affair. The attorneys at the Law Office of Dean P. Delforge provide reliable counsel and representation for companies to ensure a smooth legal transition through the M & A process. Whether you need legal representation through complete corporate acquisition or just the purchase of specific assets, Dean Delforge will guide your business entity through complicated transactions like:

  • Mergers – directors and shareholders agree to the blending of two businesses, where one is integrated into the acquiring company.
  • Acquisitions – the acquiring business gets the majority stake of the other company, but the acquired business’ name and legal status remains unchanged.
  • Consolidation – shareholders of two combining companies agree to equal shares in the newly formed entity.

Dean Delforge is an experienced legal counselor of corporations in Milwaukee. From corporate mergers to the establishment of limited liability corporations, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Dean P. Delforge are your best advocates.

Contact Dean Delforge’s Waukesha law office today to get qualified legal representation for your Milwaukee business.